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At Schulz Academy, we develop raw talent into young professional soccer players who are seeking quality clubs and a future in the professional game.

At Schulz Academy

Our primary focus is finding talented, young athletes from all over the world through our international scouting system and our experience in choosing the ones with greatest future potential.

 After finding these talented players we then begin transforming them into serious young pros through our proven trainings system.

When we develop these players we also concentrate on the future marketability of these young athletes. We make sure through various academic courses in addition to the training that the players are ready for the highest standard of European soccer before they sign professional contracts.

The players in our academy go through a rigorous lesson plans such as;

  • Technical Skill Development
  • Tactical Awareness Development  
  • Physical Conditioning
  • Mental Strengthening
  • On-Field Communication      
  • Vision Development
  • Nutrition and Wellness
  • Injury Prevention/Athletic Regeneration
  • Leadership and Life Skills
  • Understanding of the Game and Game Skills Development


  • Wherever we work we raise Player Development Standards.
  • We add Value through our Experience, Know How, connections and commercial focus.
  • We start to market a player as soon as he arrives at our academy. His initial test scores and videos of his training and match highlights will be part of an individual DVD, which will be sent to clubs looking for this specific player type way before the actual transfer to the club happens.
  • We have representatives of different clubs which will be invited to come to Florida to see the players in practice and matches, that means the clubs will have a clear idea about the quality of the player before they sign him.
  • Through our international media and celebrity contacts our players generate higher PR attention, levels of awareness and demands, which leads to increased demand and higher salaries for our players.


Schulz Academy uses our professional experience and knowledge along with innovative modern ideas to excel in all of our areas, this includes our collaborations and developmental partnerships across the board.

Partner Clubs

For our partner clubs Schulz Academy is constantly scouting to identify players and new development opportunities including joint ventures.
We focus on markets and projects that promise the most attractive growth potential, that adhere to our key philosophy of sustainable development.
We also seek for opportunities in undervalued or emerging markets, with excellent growth prospects and actively create such opportunities.
Naturally, we also build partnerships with clubs, agents and experts in the sport to provide additional players or Know How to the already existing pool of athletes, adding value wherever we collaborate.



SCHULZ ACADEMY is specialized in developing professional soccer players by scouting and training year round young, high quality soccer talents from around the world in their first class facilities in Boca Raton FL..

Through our long history in this sport we have the knowledge and experience to place players in clubs in all different countries and leagues in Europe and other interesting markets.

“We Develop Talent into Pros"